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FIT FAST is a healthy way to Intermittent Fast (IF). IF can help you heal, jumpstart your metabolism and get that fat burning!

Did you know that the most POWERFUL way to heal, reset and jump start fat loss is NOT a fad diet? It’s FASTING. One can lose weight on just about any diet; but, a key element in any successful nutritional health program is a tried-and-true method that most people haven’t thought about—yet it could be revolutionary for taking health to the next level.
Fasting is not about starving oneself. When done right, it’s an incredibly effective therapeutic approach that produces amazing results regardless of diet plan. In fact, Toronto-based nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung has used a variety of fasting protocols with more than 1,000 patients, with fantastic success. In The Complete Guide to Fasting, he has teamed up with international bestselling author and veteran health podcaster Jimmy Moore to explain what fasting is really about, why it’s so important, and how to fast in a way that improves health. Together, they make fasting as a therapeutic approach both practical and easy to understand. Check the book out if you want a comprehensive guide to how and when to fast.

For the time being, FIT FAST can be your first experience with FASTING and show you that it does not have to be scary or unachievable! Use monthly as a 3-day fast or take it slow and begin with a 1-day fast.

(3) Fasting Teas per day. These tea blends help keep appetite suppressed, fight irritability and support healthy blood sugars. and give whole body support*
  - Breakfast tea: Ingredients: organic rooibos tea, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon, organic eleuthero root, organic garcinia cambogia.
  - Lunch greens: Ingredients: organic barley grass powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic spirulina powder, organic spinach powder, organic broccoli powder, organic alfalfa leaf powder, organic moringa leaf powder, organic coconut milk powder (organic coconut milk, organic tapioca maltodextrin, organic acacia), organic beet root powder, organic ginger root powder, organic tomato powder, organic dulse powder, organic stevia extract.
  -Dinner Golden Milk
: organic coconut milk powder (organic coconut milk, organic tapioca maltodextrin, organic acacia fiber), organic turmeric root powder, organic cinnamon powder, organic ginger root powder, Himalayan salt, organic cardamom seed powder, organic stevia extract, organic black pepper powder, organic clove powder

(5) Amino Acid Complex capsules per day. These Amino Acids
contain the eight essential amino acids the body needs to support, repair and maintain its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems.

(1) NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) capsule per day. 400 mg. NAC is antioxidant cell support which promotes glutathione synthesis and overall detox for the body.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treatcure, or prevent any disease


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