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Picture of Citrus Punch Dishwashing Liquid

Citrus Punch Dishwashing Liquid


NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA! No longer separates!

Cleans without harmful chemicals! For washing dishes by hand. Not intended for automatic dishwashers.

16 oz.

*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


Citrus Punch Dishwashing Liquid $18.00

5 Stars Based on 8 Review(s)

Angela of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Smell great while washing dishes!

March 8,2021

I actually enjoy washing dishes with the Citrus Punch scent.  This dish soap really cleans off the dishes, cups and utensils easily.  One drop makes a lot of dishes clean.  It's perfect for my dish scrubber (with soap dispenser).
Heather of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Fabulous Dish Soap!

December 5,2020

I have been looking for a natural dish soap that works for YEARS! I used to have one that I loved and then the company stopped making it. Since then I tried so many different natural brands and none of them worked well on grease.  Until now!  I love this dish soap!  It does well on grease, cleans dishes well and smells great!  Try it.  You won't be disappointed! :)
Brianna of Washington
- 5 Stars
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A little goes a long way!!

July 12,2019

This is the best all natural dish soap i have ever used! It cleans so well without having to scrub hard and best part it does not dry out my hands! Does amazing on bacon grease amd smells oh so fresh!
Michelle of Virginia
- 5 Stars
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Smells so good

October 26,2018

Literally works just as good as dawn dish soap! But smell AMAZING and doesnt dry out my hands or any nasty ingredients! Just make sure you shake it up before using!
Acacia of North Carolina
- 5 Stars
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Sparkling clean!

October 25,2018

I was worried that this soap would leave my dishes greasy, as I've heard natural soaps do, and was glad to see that they come super clean. I love it so much better than the other soaps, no more heady scents that give me headaches. But I really knew it was great when my newlywed husband told me he loves this soap because his drinking glasses no longer have a soapy aftertaste! Poofy for the win!
Janell of Montana
- 5 Stars
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It works!

June 3,2018

Switching from regular dish soap to less toxic dish soaps was rough! It felt like I was just moving grease around the pan. Not true about Poofy! This stuff works! My dishes are clean, not greasy. I love using it when I do the dishes.
Aissa of New Hampshire
- 5 Stars
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Smells great and so effective!

May 29,2018

My family tried this dish soap as a last ditch effort after all other natural options didn't work well, and finding that the ones that worked pretty well weren't *really* all natural. This dish soap works great, and it smells good, too! Not super strong or over-perfumed like many other cleaning products are. So happy to have found an all natural dish detergent finally!!
Michelle of Maryland
- 5 Stars
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Fooled my husband

April 17,2018

So I'm not normally the one who does the dishes because I do everything else so my husband does this. Well this weekend I filled the sink up and put in my Poofy soap and walked away for a second. He then comes over and continues to do them and DIDN'T complain 1 time! Everytime I have tried a different "natural" or " organic" soap he hasnt used and put in dawn because they didnt work! Well this Poofy soap makes it soapy and he didn't add dawn and the dishes were all clean! Definately a great safe alternative! THANK YOU POOFY!

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