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Hi! I’m Nicole! 

I was born and raised in rural WI. I was born into a family with a very strong lineage of farming in their blood. I currently am an in-home care nurse by day and sometimes by night. I live on a small hobby farm with my husband and children. We try to grow, hunt, fish, and preserve as much of our food as we can. 

I am a complete nonfiction book worm (or nerd maybe). I’ve been into this toxin free stuff for quite sometime and one day one of my friends told me I need to start sharing this information on a broader spectrum-thus, welcome to The Heart Of Heaven Homestead. 

I am just a girl who is sick and tired of seeing people I love and care for being sick and tired and if I can help minimize that for just one person then my work was worth it. 

I am no expert-I’m just here to share my toxin free journey! I am always learning and growing. I am on a mission to rid my home and farm, my children’s safe haven, of any and all harmful chemicals. I am supposed to be their number one protector, and that is what my intentions are! 

I am on a mission to find US based small businesses who offer toxin free, organic products!! Poofy Organics has been a blessing in that it far exceeds all of my expectations!!! Join me and follow along with my journey, the products I love, the products I’ve ditched, and our life on our little farm.

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